Dental Implants

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Dental implants are titanium screws placed in the jaw that anchor a replacement tooth (crown). They match the benefits of bridges and dentures, and bring unique advantages for your oral health, hygiene, and function. Watch the short clip below to learn more and keep reading to learn what dental implants can do for you!


Benefits Of Dental Implants

  • Confidence – Speak, smile, and eat as in the past.

  • Diet – Chew any consistency, temperature, and size.

  • Health – Arrest shrinkage of jaw bone and weakening of adjacent teeth.

  • Fidelity – Recover the look, feel, function, and longevity of a natural tooth.

Dental Implant VS Bridge

Dental implants avoid the following disadvantages of bridges:

  • Loss Of Jaw Bone weakens adjacent teeth.

  • Loss Of Adjacent Teeth within 5-7 years has a 30% probability.

  • Temporary Bridges last 7-15 years.

  • Difficult Cleaning poses risks to gums and nearby teeth.

Dental Implant VS Denture

Dental implants avoid the following disadvantages of dentures:

  • Loss Of Jaw Bone weakens adjacent teeth and sinks the face.

  • Slippage impairs speech, diet, and confidence.

  • Inconvenience … difficult to glue & remove, easy to misplace & break.

  • Side effects include irritation, sores, allergies, and discomfort.

Candidacy For Dental Implants

To be a candidate for dental implants, you need enough dense jaw bone, and enough prospects for recovery from the surgery. Diabetes, chemotherapy, gum disease, and smoking may disqualify you.

The surgery is painless with a local anesthetic, but then it takes months for the screw to fuse with the jaw bone. More details about tooth implant and recovery are available.

Cost Of Dental Implants

Their cost depends on the case, location, and provider.

The titanium screw costs $1,000-$2,500 to implant, the abutment $600-$800, and the crown $800-$1,000, for a total of $2,400-$4,300. A jaw bone graft may be required and add some $800.

Though a dental implant costs more upfront than a bridge, it lasts much longer and is just as cost-effective.

Modern Implantology

Modern implant dentistry started in 1952.

It is when Dr. Leonard Linkow graduated, later popularizing the field with his nearly 20,000 dental implants and 12 books.

It is also when Dr. Per-Ingvar Branemark found that titanium fuses with bone (osseointegration), later commercializing his “Branemark screws” by the millions.

Ancient Implantology

The earliest known dental implant that fused with the jaw bone took place around 600 AD, a 1931 Honduran excavation discovered. A young Mayan woman had implanted in her jaw bone three tooth-shaped shells, two of which fused.

More ancient dental implants among Etruscans around 600 BC and Egyptians failed to fuse.

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