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Bad breath impairs romantic, social, and professional success. Use the information below to identify your causes of halitosis and the appropriate remedies. Treat and cure bad breath, starting today!




  • Garlic and onions – Their odor originates in the lungs, not mouth. Such foods, once digested, pass to the bloodstream, through the lungs, then out at every breath.

  • Poor oral hygiene – Oral bacteria thrive, rotting food debris in the mouth.

  • Consumption of tobacco – Tobacco stinks!


  • Reduced saliva – Whether temporary (during sleep, causing morning breath) or chronic (dry mouth, xerostomia), saliva ceases to wash food debris & combat bacteria.

  • Medical problems – Sinus infection, postnasal drip, bronchitis are culprits.

  • Gum disease – Bacteria under gums rot food.


  • Diabetics – Due to ketoacidosis, the body expels excess ketone (acetone specifically) through breathing.

  • Babies, toddlers – Objects inside nose, dirty pacifier or thumb, tonsillitis, regurgitated food (GERD).

  • Pregnant moms – Dehydration, poor digestion, vomiting, extra plaque due to extra snacks.

Treatments & Cures


  • Avoid such foods as garlic and onions. Brushing and flossing are important for your dental health, but ineffective against their odor.

  • Improve oral hygiene by following the four ADA guidelines on oral hygiene. Also, scrape and clean the back of tongue, and clean any dentures or orthodontic devices to remove rotting food.

  • Cease tobacco consumption, smoked and chewed.


  • Sugar-free gum stimulates saliva. To treat morning breath, at night, drink more water, run a humidifier, and ask whether you sleep with open mouth. Treat dry mouth here.

  • For sinus, use a Neti pot to irrigate nose & antihistamines; for postnasal drip, antibiotics (if bacterial) or antihistamines (if viral).

  • Get a dental cleaning; use mouthwash, antibiotic or natural.


  • Diabetics – Immediately contact your doctor, treatment may be urgent. You can strip test your urine for ketones.

  • Babies, toddlers – Clear the nose, boil the pacifier, and have pediatrician check for tonsillitis or GERD.

  • Pregnant moms – Drink more water, brush teeth more often, rinse mouth (salt water, lemon juice, or diluted hydrogen peroxide), eat well but snack less.


To combat halitosis, prioritize good oral hygiene, the tongue, your diet, and tobacco. Then at your next dental cleaning, mention your bad breath.



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