Dentures are prosthetic devices that replace missing teeth.

Fabricating a good denture is a delicate project between a precise dentist and an experienced technician.

Since the Etruscans, through George Washington, to our modern age, dentures have enhanced many lives. Learn what false teeth can do for you!

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Benefits of denture

Regain your confidence!

Dentures restore key benefits often taken for granted with a full set of teeth:

  • Fuller Diet - Chew larger, harder foods for a more enjoyable, fuller diet.
  • Better Speech - Pronounce "s", "sh", "h" sounds better.
  • Younger Appearance - Missing teeth cause face to sink, whereas dentures support a youthful, natural look.
  • Higher Self-Esteem - Self-esteem rises with the above.

Read here ADA's information about adapting to and caring for dentures.

Types of dentures

Which denture fits you?

Dentures encompass various solutions. A "complete" or "full" denture is for when all teeth are missing, whether in the upper or lower arch. A "partial" denture is for when only some teeth are missing, and can be "removable" or "fixed" (aka "bridge").

A common misconception by patients with just a few teeth left is that these should be extracted to allow a full denture. It is desirable to preserve the few teeth, especially lower ones, because partial dentures are more stable than full dentures.

Importance of a good denture

No not skimp

A poor denture can slip and clack, impair sense of taste, provoke excessive saliva, cause discomfort and bone loss, and look sunken or protruding. Avoiding all these problems in producing a good denture requires focus, experience, and talent.

Cost of denture

Great variation

Dentures vary widely in price, $300 - $2,500/arch. With some products, high quality is available at a low price, but with dentures in particular, not. You should seek the best quality you can afford. A video about making dentures illustrates the complexity.

Dental insurance plans typically cover a good portion of a denture's cost, 50% or more. Dental insurance plans often allow for replacement dentures every 5 years, recognizing that mouths can shrink and spoil the original's fit. However, dentures can last long; the average US denture is 17+ years old.

You are likely to conclude that a quality denture is well worth the cost, in light of its longevity and benefits.

Denture trivia

Did you know?

Beware the law! It is illegal to pawn your denture in Las Vegas, NV; to wash your dentures in a public drinking fountain in McLough, KS; and to wear a denture in VT without the husband's permission.

Pictures of George Washington's dentures illustrate how they used gold and hippopotamus ivory. One of them was stolen from the Smithsonian on the occasion of a bicentennial exhibit.

Etruscan dentures from around 700 B.C. are the earliest known, with another person's or animal's teeth pinned to a golden band.